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Pocket optimizes for iOS 7

Just in time for the arrival of Apple's new mobile OS, Pocket unveils the newest version of its save-for-later app.

One of the highest-rated productivity apps on iOS, Pocket is adept at keeping your saved articles and links synced across all of your devices. While the app has already proven to be a stellar performer, its developers today release an update that allows it to take advantage of Apple's newly released mobile operating system.

To complement iOS 7's new visual design, Pocket has been outfitted with an updated interface and new icon for your device's home screen. In addition, the iOS app's performance has been tweaked, which should give you faster scrolling, searching, and tagging, according to its developers.

Perhaps the biggest of Pocket's new features is Instant Sync. Thanks to iOS 7's new background notifications, Pocket can now automatically sync items you save from any of your devices. So, even if Pocket on your iPhone is closed, you can be sure that your account will be up to date with the items you just saved from your iPad or desktop browser. Alternatively, if you'd rather switch the instantaneous syncing off, you can easily do so from the Options screen.

Wider images and sharper type make for an improved reading experience. Pocket

And finally, the all-important reading experience has been revamped as well, giving users an updated layout, full-bleed images, and sharper type. Altogether, content should seem easier to read, with the help of the app's automatic adjustments of line lengths, line heights, and other attributes. In fact, Pocket now supports hyphenation in Web content, which makes words appear to flow together more smoothly.

The new version of Pocket is available starting today for free download on devices running iOS 7.