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Plug and play VonShef electric soup blender makes fresh, hot soup

The VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender combines an immersion blender with a heating element. The device automatically cooks and blends soups and more.

The VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender does the work for you.


There is no reason not to like soup. It's endlessly variable before any discussion of ingredients even begins; it can be hot or cold, smooth or chunky, thick or thin, vegetarian or not. And of course, there can be combinations. Perhaps a silky smooth soup studded with chunky veggies or protein is called for.

The base of the soup is a platform that can appreciate any structure; it is all up to you to define -- and where to place the one machine that will make it for you.

The VonShef Jug Soup Maker Machine Blender is an affordable soup-making appliance. Combining a blending mechanism with a heating element, the countertop appliance offers one-stop soup preparation that's almost easier than opening up a can. The best part? This little guy will currently set you back only $50 with free shipping.

Recently available in the US, the electric soup maker comes from the UK, where its user reviews have been very positive and it costs around £30. (No modifications or adapters are necessary; the US version will plug right into the wall.)

In use, the 56-ounce (1.6-liter) soup maker automatically blends and cooks ingredients according to the preset mode that was selected, taking about 20-30 minutes to complete a batch. Convenience and versatility at an attractive price: what's not to like?