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Digital Media

Plex brings its media-streaming app into virtual reality

The company touts Plex VR, which lets people watch shows on a giant screen with their friends in VR.


A look at Plex VR.


Plex, the streaming media app, has created a new virtual reality experience for users of Google's Daydream.

The new feature, which Plex touted on Wednesday, will let friends watch shows together in a VR environment and watch shows on a giant VR screen.

Users will need an Android phone, a Daydream headset and the Plex VR app.

The Plex app can be used to organize your personal media libraries from your computer, such as movies, music, and photos, and stream them to your TV or phone. It also supports a variety of channels for watching videos from the BBC, Comedy Central, Vimeo and YouTube.