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PS4's new tournament feature let you compete from your couch

Think you're the best at Madden or Mortal Kombat? The world's largest organizer of video game tournaments wants to give you the chance to prove it.

ESL, the world's largest organizer of offline and online video game tournaments, is spreading competitive gaming by way of a new "Tournaments" feature for the PlayStation 4.

You'll be able to browse upcoming events using the Tournaments feature on your PlayStation 4 console.


Gamers will be able to use their consoles to browse upcoming tournaments and events, then join the action from the comfort of their couches, ESL said Thursday. Up first: an NBA 2K17 tournament designed to coincide with the start of the real-life NBA season. Other tournaments featuring games like Madden '17 and Mortal Kombat X are set to follow. Gamers can also browse and check into events using the PlayStation or ESL apps on their mobile device.

The feature supports 15 languages to encourage global competition, so there shouldn't be any shortage of challengers should you decide to join in.