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The PlayStation VR bundle with accessories you actually need costs $500

The bundle includes everything PlayStation 4 owners need to begin playing games in virtual reality.


Sony on Friday announced preorder information for its upcoming PlayStation VR headset. The Japanese electronics giant will be offering the virtual reality headset as part of a special bundle starting on Tuesday, March 22.

The bundle will cost $499 in the US, $100 more than the headset by itself, but with it you get two Playstation Move motion controllers, the PlayStation Camera and a PlayStation VR Worlds game disc. While the Move controllers are an optional add-on for use with select games (others simply require the PlayStation's DualShock 4 controller), the camera is required for PlayStation VR to work.

The bundle is a good deal for PlayStation 4 owners that are interested in virtual reality, but not for those users that may already own a PlayStation Camera and Move controllers. Sony previously announced that the PlayStation VR headset would cost $399 when it arrives in October. The company, however, hasn't announced preorder information for only the headset.

Sony's headset undercuts the $600 Oculus Rift and $800 HTC Vive, both of which also require a high-end gaming PC to function. Even when you include the purchase of a PlayStation 4 console, which retails for $350, PlayStation VR is still one of the cheapest ways to experience high-end virtual reality.

There are cheaper alternatives, though, which use smartphones to deliver less immersive experiences. Google's entry-level Cardboard headset costs $35, while Samsung's Gear VR can be had for $100.