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PlayStation Vita coming to Vodafone UK

The PlayStation Vita will be available to buy from Vodafone, who will be filling Sony's handheld console with 3G juice.

Sony's PlayStation Vita will be coming to Vodafone, filling gamers' pockets with the red-hued network's 3G goodness, and a free game.

That means you'll be able to pick up the Vita from Vodafone shops when it goes on sale in February, and 3G versions sold through Sony will come with a Vodafone SIM card. Anyone using Vodafone on their Vita will land themselves a copy of Wipeout 2048, which you can download from the PlayStation Store.

The Vita doesn't work as a phone unfortunately, but it will work with Skype, so technically you could use it as a phone of sorts.

You're probably better off playing games on your smart phone though -- one of the things that could scupper the Vita is the popularity of cheap, plentiful downloadable games for iOS and Android devices.

While we're listing things that could scupper the Vita, the fact that it won't be out in the UK until after Christmas could definitely put a dent in Sony's plans. The Vita would have made an ideal Christmas gift, but instead it will be released at a time when Brits nationwide will be tightening belts and hitting the gym.

That said, we were impressed with the Vita during our hands-on time, so perhaps it can wow the country come 2012.

The Vita will go on sale in the UK on 22 February. Vodafone hasn't released any pricing information yet, but Amazon is selling the 3G version of the Vita for £280, so expect Vodafone's pricing to be similar.

Will the Vita be victorious? Or is it heading straight to the gaming graveyard? Point your crystal ball at the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.