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PlayStation TV arrives in Australia

For PS4 fans that want to remotely play their games in any room of the house, Sony has finally brought the pocket-sized PlayStation TV to Australia.

Sony's PlayStation TV. PlayStation

Sony's answer to bringing PlayStation gaming out of your living room and into other rooms of the house has finally landed in Australia, with PlayStationTV launching in stores from today -- and for a sub-AU$150 price point.

While Sony has already established the PlayStation 4 in the market as a complete gaming and content streaming solution in the one console, PlayStation TV is a set-top device that allows PS4 players to use remote play to play their games in other rooms of the house (the device connects to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

With a PS Vita-style interface, there's also a slot on the side that accepts Vita game cards, and you can download Vita games as well as classic PS One and PSP titles from the PS Store. Sony is also talking up the launch of PlayStation Now in Australia (though there's no official date set) which will allow you to stream PlayStation legacy games for a rental price, set on a sliding scale depending on the rental period.

The PlayStation TV is available nationwide and will retail for AU$149.95 -- slightly more than Apple TV's AU$109 price tag and a jump up from the AU$49 Chromecast.

However, with such a focus on gaming streaming you'd expect to pay more for the additional functionality, and at roughly the size of a deck of cards, the device is certainly more compact than the PS4 mothership for those who want to take the action elsewhere in the house.