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PlayStation Store back online

Sony says late Wednesday that the last piece of its PlayStation Network is once again available following a more than one-month hiatus due to a massive security breach.

Sony flipped the switch tonight to bring the last remaining piece of its PlayStation Network back online, the PlayStation Store.

The company announced the service's return in a blog post, saying that customers once again have access to the store to buy games and movies, rent movies, and download other content for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Music Unlimited by Qriocity, Sony's streaming music service, is also back online. The service's restoration comes two days later than Sony initially promised last month, when it said all services of PSN would be fully accessible by May 31.

As the company warned earlier this week, customers in Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea still do not yet have access to any of the restored services.

The return of the PlayStation Store follows a partial restoration of some PSN services two weeks ago, after Sony spent more than three weeks rebuilding the security of its online entertainment network following a massive security breach.

Now that the store is accessible again, Sony has also updated its premium paid service, PlayStation Plus, with new trial versions of games, and other free games and avatars.

What's not ready yet are the free games and downloadable content promised as part of the "Welcome Back" program already announced. That will be "available to download soon," wrote Grace Chen, director of the PlayStation Store.