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PlayStation Plus Free Games of August 2016 for PS4, PS3, Vita

Space combat, competitive tetromino stacking, Yakuza and more on the way.

With less than a week until they are available, Sony has announced the lineup of free games that PlayStation Plus members in North America and Europe will receive for August.

There is the usual allotment of six games, although one of Vita's two games--Ultratron--is a Cross-Buy title also available on PS4 and PS3; that gives both of those platforms three freebies this month.

PS4 players get the upcoming puzzle game Tricky Towers, which looks almost like a competitive version of Tetris where you try to stack tetrominoes as high as you can. The other title is Rebel Galaxy, the action game where you explore the galaxy in a ship while transporting cargo and fighting off pirates. Fans of Firefly, in particular, will be pleased.

Those on PS3 get Yakuza 5, the most recent entry in the series to launch in the West. Retro/Grade, a side-scrolling shoot-em-up where you're traveling backward through time, will also be free.

Joining Ultratron on Vita is Patapon 3, the 2011 PSP sequel to the rhythm-action series.

You can check out the full lineup below, which will be available starting on Tuesday, August 2. You have until then to claim July's games, which include Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell and Furi.

August 2016 PlayStation Plus games: