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PlayStation Plus free games for August, featuring Mafia III

PlayStation Plus subscribers get free games every month, but this month will give players a chance to be a part of the mob.


PlayStation owners who play online know it's $10 a month for PlayStation Plus and you know about the perks: online multiplayer, save game backups and, of course, free games. OK, they vanish if your subscription ever lapses -- so they aren't technically free, but you have to admit, they're a welcome perk. 

Mafia III, which headlines this month, first launched in 2016. It follows a Vietnam vet returning to a New Orleans-inspired location to get revenge on a crime boss for betraying him. The game promises a rich story line and a '60s soundtrack and... well, who doesn't want to pretend to be part of the mob?

Here are this month's PS Plus free games:

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita

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