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PlayStation Phone's clearest leaked video yet shows off chunky gamester

This seemingly kosher footage takes a tour of the Android-based Xperia handset, showing those PlayStation-branded buttons, but no actual games running on it.

Sony Ericsson's PlayStation Phone is already the most-leaked handset ever in advance of its expected debut at the Mobile World Congress show next month. In fact, it might be time to stop using the word 'leak' -- it's more of a Queensland-style deluge.

The latest footage to emerge of the new gaming smart phone is the clearest yet, shot in broad daylight and published on Taiwanese tech site ePrice. It focuses on the Xperia-branded hardware, rotating the device and sliding out its gaming controls.

Assuming the handset is real -- and it doesn't look like an obvious fake -- it confirms previous impressions from spy-pics and footage that the PSPhone is a chunky unit. We remain unsure whether the slide-out part is solid enough to be truly comfortable for longer gaming sessions, and let's face it: it's not very attractive, is it?

The handset looks pretty final, too, although that's no surprise given that we're just a few weeks away from that anticipated public unveiling. Software-wise, it's hard to make out much more than the fact the device is running Android, with no guided tour of the handset's menus to dig deeper into any PlayStation features.

What's also missing from the video -- and accompanying photos -- is any footage of games running on the device. Some reports have suggested that the PlayStation Phone will run PSone games -- hardly an enticing prospect given the PS2-quality visuals being thrown about on iPhone games such as Infinite Blade and Rage HD.

The new footage follows the recent release of an official PlayStation app for iPhone and Android, which also failed to bring any real gaming.

Anyway, feast your eyes, let us know what you think in the comments, then wait for the next leak. It'll be along in the next couple of days, on recent form.