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PlayStation finally getting basic security; Facebook challenges Skype

Sony should be embarrassed with how long it took to add two-step verification to the PlayStation Network. Meanwhile, we say goodbye to Xbox 360, and Facebook adds group calls to Messenger.

PlayStation Network will be adding an extra layer of password protection to stop hackers. (But with the massive security breach it faced five years ago, shouldn't have this been added sooner?)

CNET Update has the details on Sony's eventual addition of two-factor authentication for PlayStation users, along with news from Facebook. It seems the social network is becoming a bigger threat to Skype with group calling in Messenger. If you needed to do a large conference call, Facebook Messenger may be better than Skype or Google Hangouts:

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Also in this tech-news roundup, the poor Xbox 360 finally faces the proverbial Red Ring of Death as Microsoft stops production of the older console. But you can comfort yourself in a warm blanket of gamer nostalgia with Sega's Genesis (aka Mega Drive) classic game hub on Steam, arriving next week.

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Facebook Messenger lets you call 50 friends at once (oh dear)