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PlayStation history shows PS4 can beat the Xbox One (video)

With a lower price and fewer online restrictions, the PS4 is getting aggressive in its war with Microsoft. In this nostalgia-pumped video we look to the history of Sony's console to evaluate its chances.

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Sony stunned the gaming world this week by divulging that its new PlayStation 4 console will be significantly cheaper than its major rival, the Xbox One. But does it stand a chance against the might of Microsoft?

To find out, watch as we plunge headlong into the rich history of the PlayStation, from its humble beginnings as a failed co-project with Nintendo, to the might of the all-powerful PlayStation 2.

Along the way we'll slap you about the cheeks with nostalgic treats, from old-school adverts to one particularly creepy T-Rex. Spinning up to the present day like an educational Crash Bandicoot, we'll look at the PlayStation 3, and examine the reasons why Sony's third console didn't prove as popular as its predecessors.

The PlayStation 4 has a fighting chance, then -- all that's required now is for Sony not to screw it up. Do you think the PS4 is destined for world domination? Or will Sony need to do more if it's to hold the Xbox One at bay? Watch the video folks, and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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