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PlayStation 4: Where to watch on CNET, and what we expect

Here's how CNET will be covering Sony's PlayStation event, and what we think gamers can expect to look forward to.

Sony is expected to reveal its next PlayStation console later today, at a special event that will give gamers the chance to soak up every juicy detail concerning the PlayStation 4, which is code named Orbis.

As usual, CNET will be on hand to facilitate the squeezing of that sweet, sweet information-juice, so be sure to bookmark this page, where you'll see the event streamed live and enjoy as-it-happens reaction from our experts.

The event begins at 11pm UK time, so you'll need to stay up late to catch the big reveal. Clearly Sony doesn't care much about our sleep patterns.

In the meantime, CNET has plenty of PlayStation 4-related articles to keep your eyes and mind busy. Here's why Sony should get involved in cloud gaming, what the PlayStation 4 needs if it wants to succeed, and a fascinating visual history of Sony's games console.

What we're expecting

Tonight we're expecting to see Sony lift the lid on a completely new console, featuring a controller with an intriguing new panel nestled between its analogue sticks. That mysterious rectangle could be a touch-sensitive panel like the one on the PlayStation Vita, or could be a separate display.

Sony is tipped to get involved in cloud gaming, so we wouldn't be surprised if its new console has the ability to stream games over the Internet. PlayStation 4 games are rumoured to still come on discs, but perhaps we'll be able to stream PlayStation 3 titles.

The PlayStation 4's success will depend on how much it costs to buy. We don't expect Sony to reveal pricing tonight though -- that's likely to follow later in the year, closer to when a new console would actually hit shop shelves.

Our best guess is that it'll be closer to the £300 mark than the £425 asking price for the PlayStation 3. Sony will probably reveal more information on its new console at the E3 show in the summer.

What do you want to see from the next PlayStation? Would you buy a new Sony console, or would you rather wait for Microsoft's anticipated follow-up to the Xbox 360? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.