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PlayStation 4: What we know so far (video)

In this video, we look at what Sony has revealed about its upcoming console, as well as what remains a mystery -- for now.

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Has it really only been eight years since we first clapped eyes on the PlayStation 3? Oh wait, yes, it has. And we've spent several of those long, dark years desperately awaiting a glimpse of some exotic, new gaming hardware from Sony.

The test of endurance is almost at an end, as the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 is due out before the holidays this year.

The PlayStation 4 will go head-to-head with rival gaming gadgets, including the next Xbox and Nintendo's Wii U. With its list of rivals expanding to include Apple and Google, will Sony's new console win over the hearts of gamers?

Let me know in the comments, and if you're thirsting for more PlayStation 4-flavored goodness, check out this new teaser video, plus more details on the console's new DualShock 4 controller and Eye camera and a handy list of unanswered questions concerning Sony's new toy.