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PlayStation 4 survives devastating tornado

A man lost his house in the recent Illinois tornadoes, but finds his brand-new PlayStation 4 weathered the storm.

PS4 after the tornado
At least that's one thing to smile about. Reddit

The tornado-producing storms that ripped through the Midwest on Sunday left a swath of devastation. Washington, Ill., lost hundreds of houses, but it appears one man found a gem in the rubble: his new PlayStation 4.

Charmingly named Redditor hepatitisC posted an image of the unidentified man wearing a Chicago Bears hat and holding up an in-the-box PS4 while standing in front of a house that had been torn to shreds by the storm.

The man in the photo sports an exuberant smile, the kind of expression that is usually hard to come by in such circumstances. Redditor hepatitisC says the image was culled from his Facebook feed. He had previously posted about ways people could help those affected by the storm in Washington, a town of 15,000 people.

"I have a lot of friends and family that have lost their homes today, and my wife watched her hometown get decimated. Please do whatever you can to help," he wrote.

The PS4 does appear to have been banged around a little. The house behind the gamer looks like it was skinned by a giant can opener. There's even a broken sink dangling from the wall and a worn teddy bear on the ground. In the face of such devastation, it's at least heartening that a PS4 could bring a little levity to a harsh situation.