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PlayStation 4, HTC One and friendless Nexus in Podcast 327

Check out our preview of the year's coolest new phones and tablets, not to mention the Sony PlayStation 4 and the future of 4G.

It's the highlight of the mobile phone calendar: Mobile World Congress kicks off this week, so we're bringing you a preview of the year's coolest new phones and tablets -- not to mention the Sony PlayStation 4 and the future of 4G.

And we examine why the iPhone makes you popular and the Google Nexus 4 makes you lonely -- according to a recent survey anyway.

In the week that Vodafone, O2 and Three join EE in the 4G market and the PS4 is unveiled -- sort of -- we discuss the latest gadget news, including the phones and tablets we can expect from phone fiesta Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Fame and Young are official, with new Nokia phones and possibly a watch or two in the mix too.

We turn to you, esteemed listener, for your thoughts. How does technology save you money? Can the One save HTC? Will 4G save the nation?

Whether you're looking for help and advice with your new -- or old -- gadgets, or you just have something to get off your chest about the tech issues of the day, leave us a comment below or vent on our Facebook page -- it's peopled by fellow gadget geeks, not to mention a fistful of behind-the-scenes glimpses at CNET Towers.

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