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PlayStation 3 strikes silver in Japan

"Satin silver," actually, for Sony's motherland.

Crave Asia

Japanese game console makers have this habit of re-releasing products in different colors. Look at the Nintendo DS and PS2--it's hard to keep track how many different variations those products come in. So it comes as little surprise then that the PS3 isn't spared such treatment, too. Presenting the satin silver version of the PS3, which has just been announced in Japan.

Custom shops have been doing this for more than a year, but AV Watch says an official version will be available in Sony's motherland from March 6 at 39,800 yen (about $374). It is a 40GB version, which means it isn't compatible with PS2 games like the 60GB and 80GB ones are. This is the third PS3 shade following the original black and white models, and it will come with one silver controller out of the box. This DualShock 3 wireless controller will also start to go on sale separately at about $52 on the same launch day. It's unclear when and if it will be available in other markets.

Given Nintendo's reputation for releasing its consoles in many colors, it's shocking the Wii still comes in only white, while the PS3 already has three colors. We still want a Wii in red, so Nintendo, stop being so conservative.

(Source: Crave Asia)