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PlayStation 3 moves one step closer to becoming self-aware

Sony says v2.60 firmware update will include many enhancements to the system's media capabilities.


So it looks like the PlayStation 3 is about a couple years away from becoming self-aware, taking over the world, and making us all its human slaves--if a few of us aren't already.

Sony announced that the v2.60 firmware update for the PS3, released Wednesday, will include many enhancements to the system's media capabilities.

The key feature, according to Sony, is the new photo gallery app, which allows your digital pictures to be organized by criteria including the camera used; event date and time; colors in the photos; and the number, ages, or facial expressions of the people pictured.

Yep, that's right. According to the video, the PS3 will be able to determine the relative age of the people in the photo and whether or not they are smiling.

Also included in the release is guest access to the PlayStation store for non-PlayStation Network members. With this access, they'll be able to check out demos, video, and so on. Sony will also be adding DivX 3.11 support to the system.

I guess in a few more releases we'll be seeing an update that reads our minds, fulfills our deepest desires, and then, when it's gained our trust completely, drops the other shoe, takes over the world, and we're done. Until that inevitable day, we might as well enjoy what we have now.

Check out the video for a walkthrough of the new features.