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PlayStation 2 hits a new low... price

PlayStation 2 hits a new low... price

Sony announced today that its PlayStation 2 console will drop $20 in price to $130, effective April 27. If you're not one of the 101 million suckers who paid more than a buck-thirty, now's the time to pick up one of the most popular systems of all time, as $130 is an amazing price for an all-in-one PS2 and PS1 game/progressive-scan DVD player. Also, despite the looming presence of the November-due PlayStation 3, Sony seems to be the most committed of the Big Three to continue providing quality software for its current-gen consoles with titles such as God of War 2 and Guitar Hero II both scheduled for release later this year. This price drop puts the PS2 in between its comparatively dormant competitors, the Microsoft Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube, which sell for $150 and $100, respectively.

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Source: Kotaku