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Playing the piano by following the lights

Even we might be able to handle that.


Given that we're long past the age of piano dancing, this might be the closest we get to playing any type of keyboard that's not connected to a computer. Yamaha, which is proving itself in the digital music world with products like its virtual drum set, has developed the equivalent of painting by numbers for the piano to debut in August.

Its EZ-200 keyboard has a "follow-the-lights" system that even tone-deaf types like us can handle, as well as touch-sensitive keys that sound louder as they're struck harder. "All you have to worry about is looking good while you are playing," according to the press release. (Easier said than done, unless Yamaha is working on some kind of hologram avatar too.)

No matter what, it's still better than resorting to something as creepy as the robotic hand.