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Play your tunes through a toilet

The Land of the Rising Sun debuts an amusing new audio accessory that flushes the competition down the drain.

What will Japan think of next? Esupply

Every month, it seems, another audio manufacturer debuts a new monolithic speaker dock that boasts the latest and greatest in acoustics and connectivity.

While some portable speakers push the bar in design, however, few offer the conversation-sparking aesthetics of this miniature toilet-shaped speaker out of Japan.

Unbelievably, this 1,690 yen ($21) singing toilet from Esupply actually contains a few notable features.

For starters, the miniscule 3W speaker built into the bowl plays audio from any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, or through the built-in SD card reader. Full volume and playback controls sit near the card slot. To charge the toilet speaker, one simply plugs it in via USB to a computer or outlet; with a full charge, music playback lasts about two to three hours.

Have you ever wondered what your toilet would say if it could talk? The toilet speaker may be perfectly suited (or would that be seated?) to answer that question.