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Play 'Pong,' answer trivia. Wash, rinse, repeat.

ABC offers Web-based and downloadable Pong to promote Life on Mars.

You may have to read the instructions a few times to get the gist of the game.

Itching to play Pong on the Web? Well, you're in luck since there are tons of sites that offer Java or Flash-based versions. One of my favorites--since about 20 minutes ago--being this one.

Maybe however, you're looking for something a little different. Perhaps you'd like to play Pong and have the game interrupted every few seconds to answer trivia questions about a show you've never heard of and just last night saw a commercial for. Well, that was my experience at least.

ABC, in an attempt to promote its new '70s cop drama Life on Mars, is offering Pong for play on its site and as a widget.

From the few minutes I've spent with it, I can say that the controls are responsive, but the A.I. isn't challenging at all on the first few levels. I would have played further but I just couldn't deal with the game constantly pausing to ask me '70s- and Life on Mars-related trivia questions. Otherwise, it's a pretty good version of Pong.

As for the show, as I mentioned, I saw a commercial for it last night for the first time and had no idea what it was about. Seeing Harvey Keitel with a huge flowing mullet kicking in a door didn't excite me much either.

After doing a little research I learned that it's actually a sci-fi show based on a BBC series. Of course, being the geek that I am, as soon as I learned about the sci-fi aspect I became intrigued. Also, with Clarke Peters from The Wire involved, I have to at least give it a try now.