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Play 'NBA 08' with Playboy bunnies

At launch events for a Playboy clothing line, the iconic bunnies will be on hand in Los Angeles and San Francisco to play PlayStation games with fans.

OK, folks, here's your chance to show some Playboy bunnies just how good you are at NBA '08.

Wednesday night, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Bloomingdale's locations on Beverly Boulevard and on Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles and on Market Street in San Francisco, the ladies with the iconic bunny tails and ears will be on hand, ostensibly for the launch of a new Playboy line of clothes, but also to play some video game hoops with fans.

Now, you may be a wizard at using your joystick to make Shaq slamdunk over your neighborhood buddies, but what will you do when your opponent is a bunny? Freeze up? Showboat? Play as normal?

Well, be you boy or girl, man or woman, this is your chance to find out. And hey, despite the fact that playing video games may not be what they're best known for, the bunnies might very well own you. You'll never know unless you show up to find out.