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Play games on the visor (if you're not driving)

This multimedia visor even comes with two game controllers and various titles, let alone a DVD player other other entertainment features.


As impressive as the GPS Bluetooth rear-view mirror may be, its functions are pretty boring for the most part. At least, that's how it looks when compared with something like this multimedia visor.

Other visors with built-in TVs and DVD players have been around for awhile, but this one is out of control--which, by the way, is exactly what the driver would be if he gets distracted by it. Even though it's on the passenger side, there's no way to completely ignore a visor that lets you play games on its 7-inch LCD and comes with two gamepad controllers with an assortment of retro titles, according to Newlaunches.

It also plays DVDs and CDs, of course, as well as MP3s and MP4 videos, all for $100. But remember, the cost will escalate in a hurry when you throw in traffic tickets, let alone the fender damage.