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Play: DVD - This week Chicks Rule, OK?

But don't worry boys, there's plenty of action to keep you happy too

Don't worry boys, there's plenty of action to keep you happy too

Laws Of Attraction (Roadshow, 86 minutes)
Billed as a cross between a Doris Day/Rock Hudson romantic comedy and a Katharine Hepburn/Spencer Tracy romantic spat, Laws of Attraction features Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore in the classic love/hate relationship.

Brosnan and Moore play New York divorce attorneys, jaded by their constant exposure to failed marriage, who naturally are fierce adversaries in court. Never-the-less, there's an attraction, …etc etc, …. they wind up in a romantic Irish castle,… etc, etc… but they have to go back and continue their case as opposing counsel….etc.,etc.  A great date flick.

Veronica Guerin (Buena Vista, 94 minutes)
Our favourite home-grown leading lady Cate Blanchett stars in this true story about an Irish journalist who risked her life to expose Dublin's  powerful drug lords back in the mid-1990s.  Blanchett heartbreakingly portrays a working mother caught between her home and family and her responsibility to her readers and country.

Even though you know the outcome before the movie starts, it still manages to evoke plenty of suspense and you'll see why Guerin became a national heroine in Ireland.

Love Story (Golden Classics) (Paramount, 96 minutes)
BYO tissues. OK, Ryan O'Neal was the biggest heart throb of the day, but Ali McGraw had the acting range of a broom handle. None-the-less, the tear-jerker Love Story was a massive blockbuster in 1970.  It received seven Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress) and won one for musical score.

Unfortunately, the phrase "Love means never having to say you're sorry" (oh pul-eease) wormed its way into English vernacular.

By the way, it's about a young couple who cross social barriers, marry and ultimately face the greatest crisis of all!

But wait there's more…

Oliver's Story (Paramount, 87 minutes)
If you still haven't had enough Ryan O'Neal, out this week too is the 1978 sequel to Love Story. He re-creates his role as Oliver Barrett and Candice Bergen co-stars in a story that draws two lonely lovers together as a seemingly perfect match - but both are so vulnerable from loss that they may lose each other.

Roman Holiday (Golden Classics) (Paramount, 113 minutes)
More head-strong women! Audrey Hepburn won an Oscar in 1953 for her portrayal of a modern-day princess rebelling against her royal obligations who explores Rome on her own. She meets Gregory Peck, an American newspaperman who, seeking an exclusive story, pretends ignorance of her true identity. But, gee, his plan falters as they fall in love. Eddie Albert adds to the fun as Peck's carefree cameraman pal. Stylishly directed by the great William Wyler, this ranks as one of the all-time great romantic comedies.

For any of you males still reading this far down on the page, yes, we did promise something for you too. (If you can wrench the remote from your partner's finger.) You can find action, adventure, fights, blood and gore aplenty with the new releases listed below - and box sets no less.  Do the plots matter? Just tweak the setting, century, gender, weapon of choice and blood quantity, and they're all pretty much the same. :)

Mummy Collection, (The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, The Scorpion King - DTS) (Universal, 336 minutes)

Tomb Raider Collection (2 Disc Box Set) (Paramount, 214 minutes)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Limited Collector's Edition (2 Disc Set - DTS) (Roadshow, 94 minutes)

Dawn Of The Dead - Director's Cut (2004) (Exclusive Slipcase) (Universal, 105 minutes)