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Play: DVD -- Buffy, Roger, Jamie and Dolly

We're on a first name basis with this week's DVDs.

We're on a first name basis with this week's DVDs.

Buffy - Seasons 1-7 (Fox)
If you're into the Slayer from Sunnydale, this is your lucky week. Fox has released disc sets of seven seasons of Buffy and four seasons of Angel. Buffy - Season 1 came to TV screens in 1997. The year's episodes, starting with the introductory "Welcome To The Hellmouth" are available on 3 discs totaling 528 minutes of young Buffy as she first experiences Sunnydale.

Buffy Seasons 2-7 (as well as Angel 1-4) expand to six disc sets over 990 minutes each. Yes, hardcore fans can collect all 39 discs for a whopping 108 hours of Buffy - every episode, not to mention all the special features such as commentary, music videos, still photos, cast bios, out-takes, karaoke sing-alongs and featurettes on topics like 'Buffy Speak'.

Roger & Me (Michael Moore) (Warner Bros -  86 minutes)
This is the one that really started it all for documentary guru Michael Moore. In 1989's Roger & Me, Moore doggedly follows then General Motors Chairman Roger Smith in an effort to persuade him to visit Flint, Michigan (Moore's home town). The film uses Moore's unique sense of humour to reveal how Flint folks dealt with setbacks in the automotive industry, the town's economic lifeblood. And of course, he gets his zingers in lampooning corporate America.   

Backyard Blitz - Makeovers, Memories And Madness (Sony - 95 minutes)
What can we say? This pioneer of Aussie renovation shows is almost five years old. Who knew the scores of imitators it would spawn to choke our airwaves? This DVD is a compilation of the show's best moments, out-takes and goofs, behind the scenes footage and interviews. We think it could have been enhanced by visiting some of the early makeovers to see if the gardens are dead or alive, but failing those kinds of revelations, it's is a good excuse to perve at host and resident spunk, Jamie Durie.

Dolly Parton - Live And Well (Shock)
And because we like to give you a music option each week, we couldn't go past that legend of country music, stilettos and big…, Dolly Parton. Recorded live at her very own theme park, Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, this concert was part of her 2002 Halos & Horns tour. Featuring songs from her critically-lauded back-to-her-roots albums The Grass Is Blue, Little Sparrow, and Halos & Horns, this performance also contains a healthy helping of some of her all-time classic hits.