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Play chess upside down, in a windstorm

Inventor says the pieces on his New Wave Chess board are so immovable, the game can be played in a hurricane.

New Wave Chess
Paradoxy Products

Inventor Daniel Young says the pieces on his New Wave Chess & Checkers board are so immovable, the games can be played in a hurricane. We're assuming a checkmate won't be the first thing on your mind as the winds hit, but we nonetheless like the idea of a game board with that kind of holding power.

Young, a designer for Paradoxy Products, discovered that by cutting slits into the fluting of corrugated board he could harness the material's ability to hold and release inserted flat objects like chess or checkers pieces.

"Slitting transforms ordinary corrugated board into a highly economical medium for gameplay and displays," the New York-based designer says. "Flat, die-cut plastic pieces can be held in an upright position on a board, producing a three-dimensional effect extremely inexpensively."

New Wave checkers
Paradoxy Products

Looks like the 9-inch square board would travel well. Or, as Young suggests, it could lend itself to "extreme" chess or checkers in which players could "Frisbee" the one-ounce board across the room to each other or maybe play on a roller coaster.

Young notes that New Wave Chess & Checkers would be perfect for playing games in space or on Mars (once we build up an ozone layer there, of course).

"I plan to donate some sets to NASA," he says.

The New Wave Chess & Checkers set retails for $12 online at Paradoxy Products' Web site and comes with a carrying case and pouches for the pieces.