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Play against 50 Cent in 'Blood on the Sand'

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to bump heads with Fif' and his buddies Sunday as part of the launch of his new game.

50 Cent is pimping the launch of his second video game, "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand," by giving fans the chance to play against him.

Blood on the Sand cover

Xbox Live Gold members will be able to bump heads with Fif' and his buddies by sending a friend request to gamertags Fifty Cent GWF, Fifty GWF 2, Fifty GWF 3, and Fifty GWF 4 half an hour before the sessions kick off at 3 p.m. PST on Sunday.

"Blood on the Sand" lacks a deathmatch mode, so chances are you'll be required to play as a member of Fiddy's G-Unit crew in the drop-in, drop-out co-operative mode. Oh, and by "co-operative," we mean helping him shoot, stab, and cuss his way to getting his mother******' cash back--or whatever it is he requires.

This isn't the first time musicians have played against gamers. Microsoft's "Game with Fame" sessions recently saw rapper Jadakiss shoot hoops with fans in "NBA 2K9" and indie band Gym Class Heroes face their admirers in "Gears of War 2." Elsewhere, rappers The Game and Bow Wow challenged each other to a game of "Madden NFL" with $100,000 at stake.

Don't be afraid to get involved--the original 50 Cent game, "Bulletproof," was more or less nonsense, but our brothers and sisters at GameSpot gave "Blood on the Sand" 7/10, praising its fast-paced action, engaging scoring system, and great soundtrack.

If you manage to join Mr. Cent in a game, let us know how you got on.

(Via Crave UK)