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Play a 'Secret Burning Man Game'

Help alternate-reality game designer Jane McGonigal send secret greetings to her husband, who has gone to Burning Man without her.

Jane McGonigal is a Burning Man widow.

That is, her husband has just left for the annual countercultural arts festival for 10 days, leaving her alone at home in the Bay Area.

But McGonigal, one of the most innovative designers of alternate-reality games, is hoping that even though she won't be in the desert herself, her influence might be felt at the 45,000-person bacchanalia.

To wit, she is hoping that she can seed the idea that if anyone sees her husband, Kiyosh, wandering around Burning Man, "usually wearing an orange jumpsuit, sometimes wearing goggles and/or a white muslin head wrap, and possible hanging around a bunch of people with TV cameras," they might surprise him by coming up to him and greeting him with the words, "Jane says hi," or even something more interesting than that.

Play alternate-reality game designer Jane McGonigal's 'Secret Burning Man Game' and tell this man, who is her husband, 'Jane says 'hi.' Jane McGonigal

This is McGonigal's "Secret Burning Man Game," and while it's not all that ambitious in nature, it is indicative of her interest--and I would have to predict, success--at getting perfect strangers to carry out her stated mission, even in unfamiliar or odd locations.

So, if you're going to Burning Man and you see Kiyosh, do Jane a favor and play her game. And feel free to forward this on. How better to make someone away from home and his wife for such a long time feel like he's missed than having a bunch of people he's never met and never will again come up and bring him this kind of greeting?