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Plaxo Pulse friend request e-mails look oddly familiar

A comparison between Plaxo Pulse and Facebook friend requests reveals that they are almost identical--but not quite word-for-word enough to cause a real stir.

This evening I received my first e-mail from Plaxo's new Pulse social networking service, which it launched today. What had surprised me the most about Plaxo initially was how it was far more different from social networking's queen bee, Facebook, than I'd expected it would be--in fact, it reminded me much more of fellow nascent service Pownce.

But then I got that friend, er, business contact request in my Gmail inbox. Here's a screenshot:

It looked pretty darn familiar--it looked just like the equivalent e-mails that Facebook sends when other members have requested to add you as friends (for Plaxo, you can be a "business contact," "friend," or "family." Here, for comparison, is a Facebook contact request:

Significant? Scandalous? Not really, since the text is pretty standard and stripped-down and no phrases are ripped off word-for-word. But I suppose if Facebook's friend request e-mail format is worth imitating, it must be pretty effective. Really, though, couldn't Plaxo have at least used a word other than "team?"