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Plastic model urinals, toilets aimed at Japan hobbyists

The rest of us may scream in terror, but these 1:12-scale loos suggest all sorts of freaky action-figure fun to titillate the otaku geek set.

Break out your 6-inch dolls and let loose with Milestone's model toilet kits. Milestone

The deep, dark world of Japan's otaku geeks contains fetishes galore. For those who find both figurines and toilets exciting, Santa came very early this year.

Now they can get their hands on these 1:12-scale toilet and urinal model kits that guarantee hours of fun -- and perhaps some social ostracism.

Released earlier this month by hobby goods makers Milestone and Aoshima, the Oretachi no 1/12 Benjo loos are of course obsessively detailed.

The Western-style potty simulates a typical high-tech toilet with an arm for the bum spray controls. The lids open and close, too.

The included background stall comes with a tile floor and wall, a toilet paper dispenser, and even a container for female supplies. The plumbing fixtures are painted a chrome-like silver.

Everything is painstakingly detailed in the assembly instructions.

The men's kit comes with two urinals and a sink with a soap dispenser. If you buy multiple kits you can stick them together to create a full public restroom.

But the main fun to be had with these kits is using them as a stage for posing 1:12-scale figurines, in which Japan is awash.

You can laugh yourself silly by posing everything from doe-eyed manga girls to spiky-haired anime heroes with these toilets. Of course someone has already done that on a Japanese Web site, which I won't link to here because it's just a tad too crazy.

However, the promo pics for the model loos include some simple ball-jointed figurines posed in compromising positions.

The kits are available on for about $19 apiece. Anybody have any 6-inch action figures from the '90s?

The urinal kit comes complete with a sink and a soap dispenser.

(Via Akiba Impress Watch)