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Plastic Logic e-reader to feature AT&T 3G connection

AT&T's 3G network will provide the wireless broadband connection for the Plastic Logic e-reader for "mobile business professionals" when it launches in 2010.

Plastic Logic

Last week, Plastic Logic hooked up with Barnes & Noble. Now it's got something going with AT&T to provide the 3G wireless connection for its upcoming e-reader, due out in early 2010.

Early Wednesday, the company announced the agreement, though details were scant. There was no mention of pricing, and it remains unclear whether you'll have to pay extra for AT&T's 3G service or whether it will be included with the device, like it is with Amazon's Kindle. (Amazon has a partnership with Sprint to supply the Kindle's wireless connection.) However, the announcement does note that AT&T offers worldwide coverage and that "AT&T devices work in more than 200 countries and regions."

Plastic Logic's upcoming e-reader has been in the works for a while. It uses E-ink technology, is about the size of an 8.5-by-11-inch pad of paper, is less than 0.25 inches thick, and weighs less than many print magazines (at least the ones that still attract advertising). It also has a touch-screen user interface and built-in Wi-Fi, which leads us to believe the 3G connection may require an extra fee.

Plastic Logic's only comment on pricing is that it will be announced "when the product begins shipping in early 2010."

It seems a little odd that the company is making these types of introductions so far in advance of the product's release, but the e-reader space is heating up and other competitors are lurking. By the time the Plastic Logic Reader arrives, Sony will most likely have released the next version of its Reader--(I wouldn't be shocked to see an announcement from Sony in the next few weeks)--and it, too, might offer a wireless option.