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Plankton grower Climos gathers funds for climate mitigation

Is fertilizing the ocean with iron to grow plankton a viable way to fight global warming? Climos, and its backers, want to find out.

Only a few weeks after ocean iron fertilization venture Planktos folded, rival Climos is set to announce a first round of venture funding totaling $4 million.

Climos CEO and founder Dan Whaley said Thursday that the company will announce funding early next week.

The green area is a natural plankton bloom in Lake Titicaca, South America. NASA

The idea behind Climos is to grow large amounts of plankton by pouring iron into the ocean.

Iron stimulates the growth of plankton, which consumes the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Once the plankton sinks several hundred meters, it is considered sequestered from the atmosphere.

The practice of ocean iron fertilization, which has been experimented with since the 1990s, has been condemned by some environmental groups and remains controversial.

Read the full story on Climos here at CNET For more background on Climos, here is a longer interview with Whaley.