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'Planet Earth II' is coming to Snapchat a day early (sort of)

Snapchat will debut a companion series to the BBC's buzzed-about nature documentary a day before main program premieres in the US.

Snapchat is gifting US nature-documentary nerds something to lord over their UK brethren for once -- some early "Planet Earth II" video nuggets that lovers across pond won't get to see.

(Just don't set your heart on hearing Sir David Attenborough's familiar tones so soon.)

Snapchat said Monday that it will debut a companion series to the buzzed-about BBC doc on its popular mobile app on Feb. 17, one day before the main program is televised in the US and Canada.

Snapchat, best known for its auto-deleting photos and videos shared among friends, has grown into a digital media powerhouse, as top programmers and publishers salivate to reach the app's large, young user base. Snapchat has published companion shows linked to televised programs before. "The Bachelor: Watch Party," for example, recapped the ABC's reality TV dating competition. But this is the first time Snapchat is debuting a companion show before the main event hits airwaves.

The main "Planet Earth II" series, produced by the BBC, already aired in the UK, and it is debuting in the US on Feb. 18.


The "Planet Earth II" Snapcode will test out new features for the app's codes, like unlocking preview content.


The Snapchat series, which was also made by the BBC in Snapchat's typical vertical-video format, will include six episodes, each with new "Planet Earth II" storylines and exclusive footage filmed for the televised series. You won't hear the classic narration of BBC nature-doc mainstay Attenborough. Instead, the Snapchat show will be narrated by London actress Sophie Okonedo, who was nominated for an Oscar in "Hotel Rwanda."

The app also is capitalizing on the new show to test out new features for its Snapcodes, the black-dotted yellow squares that function like calling cards for individual accounts on the app. The Snapcode for "Planet Earth II" will unlock preview footage of the series and let you subscribe to it in advance of the first episode publishing. It will also let users view the most recent previous episode, even if it isn't currently live on the app.

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