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Face-planting 'Planet Earth II' fox earns internet's love

A fox's epic face-first leap of faith into the snow sparks an outpouring of Twitter sympathy and understanding.

We've all experienced days when we think we're going to accomplish something great and instead end up with our face in a snow bank and our rear end wiggling in the breeze. That's what happened to a hungry fox on this weekend's episode of the BBC's riveting wildlife documentary series "Planet Earth II." That fox is now a Twitter hero.

The fox is actually displaying a common hunting behavior. Its dedicated nosedive is aimed at catching a vole under the blanket of snow.

For the fox, it's just dinnertime. For some viewers, it's a metaphor for the nosedives of human existence and particularly the trials of 2016, a year of celebrity deaths and a contentious election.

It seems like each week's episode of "Planet Earth II" spawns a new internet sensation. Previously, we watched a baby iguana's heart-pounding escape from snakes and a brutal encounter between a lioness and a giraffe's foot. The fox face-plant is more on the comical side, but at least it gives Twitter something to commiserate over:

And we can all agree the fox looks fantastic: