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Plane and simple: Your decor can soar with furniture made from aircraft parts

Come fly with Boeing's collection of home accessories that once zoomed through the clouds.

This sleek chair made from a DC-9's engine cowling costs $8,500.

Boeing Store

Longing to reach new heights in home decor? Then wing your way over to the collection of furniture and artifacts from the latest edition of the Boeing Store Custom Hangar catalog, home accessories derived from genuine aircraft parts.

Our favorite is the sleek, retro-looking chair made from the engine cowling of a DC-9 jetliner. For just $8,500, you can pretend you're Bob Newhart's neighbor, airline navigator Howard Borden, although the chair's stylin' appearance is a bit more swinging '60s than early '70s.

Can't quite afford to pay first-class prices? Cheaper items include a leather billfold made out of the seats of an Alaska Airlines 737 ($55), a carbon-fiber key ring composed of "upcycled" scraps from the production of a 787 Dreamliner ($100), or a business card holder that features an engine blade used on an F-4 Phantom ($100).

Hoping to land something a little more unusual? For $1,495, you can bring home a double-window section from a 727, and then you can...well, we're not really sure what. Hang it on the wall and call it art? Dress up like a gremlin and bring it to a Halloween party with William Shatner? It's clearly marked "not for flight use."

But maybe the oddest item offered sells for a whopping $19,500. It's an ejection seat from a F-100 supersonic fighter plane. You've seen them in action in a million action movies and perhaps as many cartoons, but it's no longer capable of flinging you out of the air if the situation gets thorny. So sadly, it's not going to provide you with a quick escape from that next Trump-Clinton family argument. We can dream.