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Pizza Rat prank unleashes hungry new rodent in New York

What happens when a stuffed rat glued to a piece of pizza rolls around the streets of New York? Watch and see in a new YouTube video from PrankvsPrank.

The Internet found itself a pint-sized new hero last month in Pizza Rat, a plucky rodent who was captured on video dragging a huge slice of pizza down the subway stairs -- and taught us some enduring life lessons in the process.

That video now has over 8 million views. Of course, it's spawned a series of spoofs and parodies -- particularly on the late-night TV circuit, where Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien both had their own takes on the enterprising rat. It also apparently inspired a squirrel to up its dining game by seeking out and stealing a Shake Shack cup from a New York trash can.

Now (because why not?) YouTube channel PrankvsPrank has revived Pizza Rat's antics by unleashing a mechanized version of the rat and his favorite food on the streets of New York. The video of the rat prank seems to be well on its way to becoming another Internet sensation. It just dropped Sunday and already has well over one million views.

To create the gag, PrankvsPrank's Jesse Wellens removed the outer shell of a remote-controlled car, fastened some cardboard to the chassis, glued the pizza to the cardboard and glued a stuffed taxidermy rat to the pizza.

Wellens then set the whole construction loose on the streets of New York where some pretty hilarious reactions ensued, as you can see in the video above. Perhaps what's even more amusing are the city residents who just ignore the fake rat and his take-out meal because, as they say, it's hard to impress a New Yorker.