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Pizza Rat channels 'Ratatouille' chef in 'Conan' spoof

A "Conan" sketch Wednesday tells the inside tale of how the Internet's latest rodent hero managed to get his grubby hands on the slice of pizza in the first place.

Pizza Rat taught us some valuable life lessons, and on Wednesday's episode of "Conan," we finally learned how the Internet's new hero was able to get ahold of that slice of subway pizza in the first place.

In the sketch, Pizza Rat channels Remy -- the lovable rat chef from "Ratatouille" -- and sneaks into a pizzeria. There, Pizza Rat manages to find a rodent-size apron and chef's hat and, in a truly remarkable feat, tosses some dough, adds some toppings and single-handedly bakes an entire pizza.

Pizza Rat even adds some gourmet touches to the pizza, splashing olive oil on top to create what looks to be an incredibly tasty pie. He also takes some time while the pizza is baking to make some sausage for the pizzeria like a good little helper.

Sadly, Pizza Rat never gets to taste this marvelous creation, and instead drops the slice on the stairs leading down to the New York subway. Such is the life of a Pizza Rat, I guess. Or should I say Chef Pizza Rat?

You can watch Chef Pizza Rat in action as New York City's best new pizzaiolo in the video above.