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Pizza pan for easy pizza grilling

The Pizza Grill Topper is an affordable way to grill pizza at home.

Having fun with pizza.

Pizza, quite possibly, is the world's perfect food. Bread, sauce, and cheese form a deceptively simple base, while toppings can provide everything from nutrition to heart palpitations. Having a veggie slice may not necessarily make pizza healthy, but compared with a pizza loaded up with sausage, pepperoni, ground beef, linguica, ham, salami, and more cheese, it certainly is. While this amusing meat combination should rarely ever make it to the table, it does highlight an essential fact about pizza. It is customizable. That goes for how you prepare it too.

The Pizza Grill Topper brings the pizza oven into your backyard. The perforated pan helps to create a crispy crust, while the removable folding wood handle makes the pizza pan easy to maneuver. With backyard grilling, you can impart your pizza with smoky goodness unavailable through other methods. While choices abound with pizza cooking appliances and methods, the good old-fashioned grill should not be overlooked.

For $14.95 the price is certainly right, and the pan comes with a bonus spatula that might be the best part. It features a pizza-cutting wheel on one end, while the spatula end has one side serrated. Additionally, the spatula has a moving part in the form of an integrated slider mechanism. While the spatula may be a bit overkill on features, it certainly would look good sliding a slice of pizza onto my plate.