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Pizza Hut searches for Twittering intern

The restaurant chain is looking to hire a summer intern whose sole job will be to boost the chain's presence on Twitter. Really.

As Domino's Pizza proved last week, it is not easy to find youth of today who will perform their jobs without putting cheese up their nose and then down onto a sandwich.

So how can one not admire rival restaurant chain Pizza Hut? Unbowed and uncowed by the social media difficulties Domino's experienced with their booger video, Pizza Hut is looking for a Twittering intern.

Yes, someone who can take those 140 characters and turn them into a positive pizza life force.

If you wander with purpose to the Pizza Hut home page, you will discover these magic words of hope: "Apply to be the first Pizza Hut Twintern."

Will we soon be reading tweets telling of Pizza Hut delivery boys and desperate housewives? One can only hope. CC Tracy Hunter/Flickr

What will this exalted position demand? Well, according to Bob Kraut, Pizza Hut's vice president for marketing communications, this is not a position for the sour of heart.

The job, he told The New York Times, will mean that the chosen Twitterer will be: "Our social media journalist, chronicling in 140 characters or less what's going on at Pizza Hut."

All of it? Even if the Twintern discovers indeterminate, possibly human, droppings adorning the Hawaiian toppings in Chattanooga? Even if the Twintern happens upon extra-marital exercises, brought on by the pressures of crusty excellence, in the fridges of Fargo?

If you want to aspire to this extraordinarily happening position, applications are being taken from this morning. Mr. Kraut expects the finest candidates to use their social media ingenuity.

And he is an optimistic sort. "I guess if we melt the servers on this kind of thing, it'll be a good thing."

May I bid a hearty good morning to the IT department at Pizza Hut? Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you have fine overtime rates.