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Pizza Hut celebrates NFL draft with homage to math

Commentary: Thursday's draft will feature the NFL's new sponsor offering a special prize to the Pi Pick.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Logo of a Pizza Hut restaurant.  Pizza Hut makes up 25% of

Will you be fascinated by the Pizza Hut Pi Pick?

Zhang Peng

If, by the end of the week, you'll be suddenly earning more money than you've ever dreamed of, how will you celebrate?

Will you open some Cristal champagne and sip the refined flavor that says; "I made it"?

Or will you dream of never paying for a pizza again?

I only ask because the NFL's new pizza sponsor, Pizza Hut, announced Monday that it's giving something of itself not to the very first pick in Thursday's NFL draft, but to the pick that's an homage to math.

The 14th pick of the 3rd round -- the 78th pick of the draft -- will receive free pizza for a year, as well as "retro brand swag, gift cards for teammates, and more."

And more. 

His hometown will also receive a free pizza party, to which the 78th pick will be invited.

I feel sure that the vastly intelligent readers here will have already deduced that the 14th pick of the 3rd round is the Pi Pick. (Pizza Pi, geddit?) The one that is 3.14, the mathematical constant that began as the definition of the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. 

Pi Day is now one of the constant celebrations of the mathematical year. Congress even made it official in 2009.

It's uplifting to think that math has now gained significance in the NFL draft.

I fear, though, that the Pi Pick's new coach might not be so pleased about him getting free pizza for a year. 

Most NFL players try to stick to a strict eating regimen. 

Then again, those defensive linemen are very big and seem to be getting bigger, so perhaps Pizza Hut hopes that the Pi Pick will be able to fully enjoy winning this bonus.

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