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PixelPeers, where shutterbugs can flock together--for a price

If you're a photographer looking to connect with other shutterbugs, there's a new social- networking site just for you--though it's not free.

Photo Rumors

Stand aside Facebook, there's a new social-networking site in town. Targeted at shutterbugs, aims to bring professional and amateur photographers together on a common platform.

Members enjoy privileges such as discounts from online camera retailers and learn how to gain exposure online via search engine optimization (SEO). Users can also communicate with other photographers in forums or live chats, while others can buy and sell used gear in its marketplace section. There's even a studio directory, where photographers can list their businesses for prospective customers--a rating system is implemented for clients and other photographers.

To encourage photographers to join, the site also has an affiliate program where users can earn $10 upon referring a new member. If you're inclined to join, you have several membership options to choose from, starting at $4.97 for a network trial up to $95.64 (or $7.97 per month) for an annual membership.

With active photographic communities such as and offering free classified services with loyal user bases, we wonder if a paid service would appeal to photographers. Only time will tell.

(Source: Crave Asia)