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Josh Miller/CNET

Pixel 3 has totally leaked so Google's teasers get creative

The company pokes fun at the rumor mill with a series of clever illustrations.

Google's big event is next week on Oct. 9, but thanks to the well-developed rumor network of 2018 we know a lot already about its expected Pixel 3 phones, new Chromecast streamer and Pixel Slate tablet

So what's a consumer tech giant to do? Offer up clever teaser illustrations ribbing the rumor mill.

Responding to the usual worries about phone sizes, for example, it shows drawing boards with ideas for a tiny keychain-size phone and a huge sandwich-board-size model. 

"To the Reddit user who asked if the next phone will be 'way bigger' -- rest assured. We tested several phone sizes. Some were more successful than others," Google wrote in a tweet posted Friday.

You can follow new illustrations -- will we see a Goldilocks version? -- on Google's Instagram or Twitter feeds.

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