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Pixar inspires graphic comment on NSA surveillance

A piece of very simple animation, inspired by Pixar, offers a very poignant view of the nation the USA has become -- at least according to some.

Here comes Luxo Jr.? Not exactly. SQorck/YouTube screenshot by CNET

Living in the emotional Switzerland of my blissful neutrality, as I do, it's warming when people are inspired to create art to express dissent.

So here is a very simple piece of animation, designed to emote a certain frustration with goings-on in the secret areas of government.

It was delivered to me in an anonymous e-mail -- address -- that seemed to have been encrypted by goats.

However, I understand it was first posted to Reddit and has now taken on a life of its very public own, with almost 1 million views on YouTube.

It depicts the alleged regress of morning in America to night.

Based on the famous Pixar logo animation -- I have embedded that below, should you not be old enough to have seen movies yet -- it attempts to shine an even brighter light on certain covert practices that some find troubling.

Credits go to three Reddit users: SexualWeasel for the concept sketch, Greyhaven7 for the animation idea breakdown, and Joystick354 for the storyboard.

Some might feel especially moved that it is possible for a joystick to commune with a sexual weasel and produce a pithy offspring such as this.

I feel confident that a full-length movie, starring Woody Harrelson's voice and an animated Vladimir Putin, cannot be far behind.