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Pixar artist stays inspired by drawing superheroes

Love the good guys (and girls) that save the day? Master artist Everett Downing embarked on a journey to create a year's worth of superheroes. We think you'll love them.

Mulch, one of hundreds of heroes on 365 Supers, originated after a "horticulturist's super grass-growing solution explodes all over him transforming him into the Hulking Mulch," said artist Everett Downing. Everett Downing

Everett Downing knows a thing or two about drawing. After all, he's a story artist for Pixar, and has worked on such classics as "Up," "Wall-E," and other major films.

Given how much drawing he does during work hours, it might surprise you that one of Downing's hobbies is even more drawing. Several years ago, Downing created a blog called 365 Supers, a site that would eventually house hundreds of his original superheroes. The goal? Overcome a creative rut, and have a little fun in the process. We took a moment to highlight a few of Downing's heroes (and heroines) for your pleasure.

What got this accomplished Pixar artist involved with animation in the first place? "I've always been interested in drawing, but I think my interest in supers blossomed when I was introduced to the Uncanny X-men in high school. X-Men 173, specifically," Downing told Crave. "Something about mutant outcasts forced to rely on each other against a world that fears and misunderstands them really appealed to me. Still does."

Of his original superheroes, Downing cites Lance-a-lot, The Fallguy, Doberman and the pincher, Mulch, and Gargrrrl as favorites.

Downing has a tip for Crave readers looking to stay motivated with art: "If you love drawing and you're looking to challenge yourself, I encourage you to try something like this. It's not easy to do, and it'll test your resolve (and your sanity), but the lessons I've learned have been incredibly insightful."