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Pitcher is picture of relaxation

The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher allows for fruit and water to mix naturally without the mess.

Goes well with warm-weather fun.

Ah, weekends. Just look at that picture; doesn't it look like a weekend in motion? Very slow motion. It is the picture of relaxation. In fact, it looks so relaxing that a nice, cool drink poured from this pitcher would go great right now--perfect for heading into the weekend.

The Prodyne Fruit Infusion Pitcher is an elegant solution to a simple problem. No longer must real lemon-flavored water come with the unfortunate side effect of having to dodge seeds and pulp. A removable rod holds fruit or berries and infuses the liquid throughout. Water can be refilled without wasting fruit and berries that may still hold flavor. The crystal clear acrylic pitcher has 2.5-quart capacity and comes with aforementioned infusion rod that screws conveniently into the lid.

Nothing refreshes quite like a pitcher of cold water--especially one that has been flavored with fresh fruit. Stick with classic lemon or add your own special twist to the mix and keep your weekends cool and always refreshing. After a solid day enjoying fun in the sun (well, during too), nothing beats cooling off with a nice drink. With spring here and the weather continuing to warm up, it's time to start relaxing. Play smart out there, and don't forget the water.