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Pirate movie sites blocked by UK ISPs following court order

Movie2K and Download4All have been blocked by major UK Internet providers.

Two sites accused of pinching copyrighted movies have been blocked by UK Internet service providers, though crafty piratical types may have already dodged the new blockade.

Access to movie streaming sites Movie2K and Download4All has been banned by UK ISPs, including BT, Virgin Media, Sky and TalkTalk, the BBC reports.

The block was imposed by a UK court, following action from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) -- an organisation that represents Hollywood studios including Paramount, Fox and Disney.

Both the newly blocked sites let visitors stream recently released movies online, without rights holders' permission.

The ban echoes last year's ban on file sharing site The Pirate Bay, a ruling that prompted the MPA to say, "The whole of the creative community will benefit from today's action." In 2011, filesharing site Newzbin was subjected to a similar block.

Swashbuckling surfers may have already evaded the ban however, as TorrentFreak reports that a proxy site for Movie2K has already been set up, granting access to those who can't get through the ISPs' blocks.

Reports suggest that blocks of this nature are doing little to combat piracy, with an anonymous source reportedly telling the BBC last year that peer-to-peer traffic remained at normal levels following The Pirate Bay's block.

Netflix meanwhile boasts that its subscription-based streaming site fights piracy wherever it launches. "The best way to combat piracy isn't legislatively or criminally but by giving good options," the company's chief content officer was quoted as saying.

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