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Pioneer's new twist on black-and-white TV

The screen is still deep black, but it's got a white frame.


Pioneer's HDTVs get high marks from Crave's resident TV expert David Katzmaier, so we're not sure why it would want to mess with such a good thing. But it seems that every electronics and computer maker must have a limited edition these days, so it must just be following the pack.

The most notable aspect of Pioneer's special offering, which is headed for the U.K. market, is the color of its frame: white. Other than that, the TV seems to have the same specs as its standard 50-inch plasma, with 1080p resolution and a lighting system called "Intelligent Brightness Control," according to Pocket-lint.

What's curious, though, is the name of this version of its successful "Kuro" line. Kuro means black in Japanese, which makes perfect sense because that's the ultimate goal for the best contrast. But because the new TV is white, it's called "Shiro Kuro"--which literally translates to "White Black." And when you're talking about state-of-the-art television, the last thing that comes to mind is a black-and-white TV.