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Pioneer unveils razor-thin plasma TV

Pioneer shows off its TV chops at CES, with a 9mm thick bezel and rendering contrast ratios obsolete.

Pioneer's Advanced Design Concept television is only 9mm thick.

Less than a year after it announced the revolutionary Kuro range, Pioneer has unveiled two new products which promise to overturn the industry again.

The first is the Extreme Contrast Concept which Pioneer claims renders the contrast ratio rating meaningless — it says there no is measurable light emitting from the television. Black is finally black, it seems.

The second is the Advanced Design Concept which features a smaller bezel and is only 9mm thick. Russ Johnston, Pioneer's executive vice president of marketing for home entertainment quipped that this TV was "thinner than last month's copy of Wired magazine".

Johnston added that neither TV would be available in 2008 but are a taste of what is to come. He also said that even though they are two separate models eventually it would be possible to combine the two designs.

Johnston announced that new Kuro models would be available in May, while the working concept TVs will be displayed at Pioneer's stand at CES. Stay tuned to for pictures of these televisions in action.